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Connect with people who make your profit

Implementation of a growth plan requires effective competence transferring to the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Usually the people you need to connect are working in the other organisations than yours. When your business environment is networked, Wibe Academy offers a unique solution for you to transfer competences across organisational borders.

Wibe Academy is a video service that is designed to drive fast growth. We help you to produce and share video series to your target groups and guarantee success of your growth projects.

Our service idea in a nutshell
Set goals

1. Set goals

Share common goals and plan actions to reach results.

Create content

2. Create content

Create sets of short videos about important topics.

Build message

3. Build message

Build message based on the videos you have created.

Share message

4. Share message

Share the message with your different target groups.

Measure results

5. Measure results

Analyse activity and measure results in real time.

Lead people across organizational borders

Build partnerships

Reach your partners with training that drives operational excellence.

Design new services

Prototype new service ideas or concepts together with your customers.

Develop skills

Keep up most valuable skills and competences anywhere and anytime.

Increase sales

Motivate and train sales people to sell more products and services.

Improve quality

Share best practices with mobile workforce helping to avoid failures.

Expand operations

Lead communication and training during M&A and internationalization.


Reach target audience

Reach target audience

Reach 100% of your target audience regardless of time and place.

Save time

Save time

Speed up the learning process by 40% - 60% (utilizing microlearning method).

Engage audience

Engage audience

Provide everyone a modern and functional solution.

Verify results

Verify results

Measure and analyze results online in real time.

Update at speed

Update at speed

Maintain and customize your message content effortlessly.

Reduce production cost

Reduce production cost

Reduce up to 50% of communication and training production costs.

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