Mikro-oppiminen vie nykyiset koulutusmallit roskakoriin
Posted by Hannu Heikkala, on 21.11.2017

Videot ja mikro-oppiminen

Videot ja mikro-oppiminen mullistaa yrityskoulutuksen.

Näyttää siltä että yritysvideoita hyödyntävät koulutukset kumoavat täysin nykyiset yrityskoulutuksissa käytettävät toimintamallit. Kuulostaako hullulta? 

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Why are Billions Spent on Employee Training Programs Going to Waste?
Posted by Elina Maunula, on 15.8.2017


Billions are spent every year on corporate training across the world and the total amount is rising every year. However, several studies have showed that the actual return of investments of corporate training programs are not what they should be and often training programs fail to have any real impact on the long-term development of skills of the employees. In fact, some studies argue that only 10 % of employee training is actually effective. How did we get ourselves into this mess?

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How to Measure the Effectiveness of Employee Training Programs
Posted by Evie Pham, on 2.8.2017


Anyone who delivers training for their organization knows that measuring its effectiveness is an important but also daunting task. After all, you don't want to spend time, money and effort on training that doesn't deliver good results. But how would you know if all the commitment is leading to a positive ROI?

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7 Core Benefits of Mlearning for Your Employee Training Programs
Posted by Evie Pham, on 28.7.2017


Before you keep reading, let's be honest and have yourself answer this question: when was the last time you touched your phone? Chances are that it was just two minutes ago. Or it might even be that you are using your phone to read this blog post.

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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Modernizing Employee Training Programs
Posted by Elina Maunula, on 26.7.2017


Change is inevitable - there is no sense in sticking with the old if new could be better. The same principle works with employee training. Every company should have a modernization strategy to keep their training relevant.

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Building Employee Training Programs
Posted by Elina Maunula, on 21.7.2017

Common mistakes companies make when building employee training programs.png

Training is usually not the most enjoyable part of an employee’s working day. In fact, it’s often boring, irrelevant and done with old-fashioned tools. Still everyone agrees that employee training is important: it improves productivity, enhances satisfaction, and helps talent develop the skills they need to succeed in their jobs.

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7 Reasons Why m-Learning is an Effective Employee Onboarding Solution
Posted by Elina Maunula, on 19.7.2017

 m-Learning is an effective employee onboarding solution.png

The rise of mobile learning, is inevitable. Mobile device will be the world’s 
primary connection tool to the internet in 2020. This development will also affect corporate training and its future. Modern consumers, who are also employees, have turned mobile-only and prefer their own devices over computer laptops, and companies should make sure their practises change accordingly.

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Is Your Company Ready for Mlearning? 11 Questions to Ask
Posted by Evie Pham, on 13.7.2017

Ready for Mlearning.png

Over the last few years, many companies have shifted to using mobile learning as a training solution. In fact, mobile learning, or mlearning, entered the corporate training sphere 
in the early 2000s but hasn't become popular until the boom in mobile usage in the late 2000s. 
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The 4 Most Important Trends in Human Resource Training and Development
Posted by Evie Pham, on 7.7.2017

 Trends in Human Resource Training and Development.png

As a vast number of millennials are entering working life for the first time, forming 50% of the global workforce by 2020, companies need to put more effort than ever before to attract and retain talent.

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What is micro-learning?
Posted by Elina Maunula, on 4.4.2017
Micro-learning is learning in short bits, quickly closing skill and knowledge gaps. Micro-learning can be in form of a video, infographic or an image and is used in various ways of teaching and training. Above all, micro-learning has proved its importance in employee training. In fact, micro-learning has been verified as one of the most important trends in human resources today and will continue to grow its importance in the future. Companies have recognized that traditional training methods may not motivate, engage or please the demanding millennials entering the working life. In order for companies staying on top of their game and attract motivated and committed employees, they must adapt training solutions that employees actually enjoy using.
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