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Enable business success by accelerating on-the-job learning

Whether it’s about activating new business models, building up new skills or implementing new technologies, rapid adaptation to change is the key to business success in a fast-moving environment. Yet traditional approaches are costly and time-consuming.

Our mission is to help companies develop capabilities more rapidly and economically. We offer the most agile on-the-job learning service that has all the power of video, micro-learning and mobile learning combined.

Ensure skill acquisition at the moment of change

Business process reengineering

Renew and implement new business processes at greater speed.

Software Implementation

Ensure full and long-term adoption of new software systems.

Employee onboarding

Close the skill gaps between skilled and inexperienced workforce.

Customer onboarding

Onboard, retain and grow your customers with speed and efficiency.

Partner network reinforcement

Reach your partners with ease and sustain capabilities needed for global success.

Online customer care

Improve online self-service and reduce the need for support.

Benefits of Wibe Academy



Instantly create and deliver training materials in sets of bite-sized videos anywhere and anytime. Ensure your people will achieve proficiency within a short time frame - even just one night before. Share information with your teams or partners quickly at the point of need.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Create inspiration video content with ease. Get the right content to the right people, at the right time with the push of a button. Track real-time progresses with a few clicks of the mouse - right in your dashboard.



Assess groups and individuals on participation level and learning outcomes. Identify top talents and change agents with actionable insights like video views and completion rates. Verify your team’s acquired knowledge and collect feedback with formative quizzes.

Risk management

Risk management

Increase transparency and predictability across the organization. Keep track of capability building in different change projects. Improve readiness and preparedness for actions when problems arises.

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Cost efficiency

Ease employee resistance to change. Eliminate cost caused by employee mistakes. Implement organizational change in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. Wave goodbye to costly traditional training by optimizing your cost for change that sticks - with quality and agility.

Our service idea in a nutshell
Set goals

1. Set goals

Share common goals and plan actions to reach results.

Create content

2. Create content

Create sets of short videos about important topics.

Build message

3. Build message

Build message based on the videos you have created.

Share message

4. Share message

Share the message with your different target groups.

Measure results

5. Measure results

Analyse activity and measure results in real time.

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