Make sales management more proactive

Wibe Academy platform integrates the video-based training and coaching software with innovative content solutions to help salespeople drive more sales and deliver a better, more relevant buyer experience.

We bridge the one centralized hub that helps sellers discover, present, and share the latest on-brand sales and marketing content in visually engaging buyer experiences.

Land and expand

Increase cross-sells and upsells by 40%.

Affordable, scalable & mobile

Close deals anywhere.

Personalize content

Engage buyers on personal level.

Increase active selling time

30% time saved on admin tasks & prep.

Onboard & coach your sales team

Reduce sales rep ramp time by 60%.

Control your content

Enable your sales team with the latest, most relevant branded content.


Create more effective, insights-driven sales and marketing materials.

Direct Sales

Arm yourself with customer-focused, deal-winning content.

Channel Sales

Equip your channel partners with powerful selling tools.

Put the right content into the right hands for every selling situation

78% of executive buyers claim salespeople do not have relevant materials.
(Siriusdecisions Research)

Eliminate time spent by Marketing creating unused assets

70% of content produced by B2B marketing organizations goes unused by sales.
(Siriusdecisions Research)

Ensure materials are always up-to-date, on-brand, and in compliance

Only16% of companies say that their sales and marketing groups collaborate.

Hit more sales goals, exceed revenue targets

Companies with strong sales and marketing alignment achieve 20% annual growth rate.

One simple solution to complex sales problems

Through Wibe Academy platform any brand help their marketing and sales teams and channel partners to find, create, and understand video-based sales content better than ever before. Because when sales and marketing unite, there’s no sale that can’t be closed.


A central, single-source-of-truth repository serves sellers the marketing-approved content they need to have the conversations that improve win rates.

Sales Training and Coaching

Sales-readiness features help sellers by focusing on the time leading up to those customer conversations through videos, coaching, and certifications.

Sales Communication

Video communication-focused tools empower reps with relevant knowledge and information from teams and departments devoted to their success.

Marketing and Sales Insights

Teams have the information needed to know what’s advancing deals so the sales and marketing content creation process can improve and be even more effective.

Wibe Academy | Onboarding Platform for Mobile Workforce
Make sales management more proactive.