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Discover how Stockmann temporary personnel get ready to work for Hullut Päivät event

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Kesko, one of the largest retail chains in Finland with 5000 summer trainees annually, uses Wibe Academy to efficiently onboard and engage these young employees.


”Wibe Academy provides us with an agile, modern and cost-effective mobile learning tool to train our customers’ temporary staff.’’ – Jarno Kujanpää, HRD

AVARN Security

Wibe Academy helps AVARN Security reach their regional mobile teams without complicated technical integrations while maintaining their secure connection.


Laatutakuu chose Wibe Academy as the next generation solution that helps them reach, train and engage with the teams beyond franchisees’ boundaries.

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“The feedback we gathered from our employees [about Wibe Academy] was highly positive.”

Jarno Kujapää – HRD @Opteam

“It was nice that I could do the training whenever and wherever it suits me best.”

Anonymous end user

“It has been a pleasure working with Wibe Academy. The customer service team is always there to help.”

Henna Tuurna – Branch Admin, HR @AVARN Security

“Training with short videos works like a charm. Every student can for sure focus on videos that are less than 2 minutes long.”

Anonymous end user

“Wibe Academy helps us get new employees up to speed faster. A very good platform for managing users and reducing training cost.”

Olli Plaketti – Managing Director @Spectra Yhtiöt

“This way of training works for both new and experienced staff. The quizzes were great to test my skills and recap what I already knew.”

Anonymous end user

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