Reach and motivate people effortlessly

Wibe Academy app lets your people learn new things, stay motivated and give feedback effortlessly. When people use the app, you get real-time data analytics that can be used for collaboration improvement.

See how it works in 2 steps:
1. Sign up
2. Use code DEMOEN

See how it works in 3 steps:
1. Download the app
2. Register
3. Use code DEMOEN

Reach the right people

Effortlessly reach your distributed team members according to their roles, locations, and needs.

Onboard with speed

Onboard faster with short videos – all stored in a knowledge base that can be carried in the pockets.

Measure the results

Spot skill gaps and collect feedback on individual and team levels with quizzes related to the training.

“Wibe Academy helps us get new employees up to speed faster. A very good platform for managing users and reducing training cost.”