Expert guidance to success in partnerships

Wibe Survey – Sales channel analysis

Wibe Survey is designed specifically for sales and customer service managers who want to quickly identify bottlenecks within in sales channels and get concrete recommendations on how to tackle them.

Wibe Survey is the perfect kick-start for developing your partner relationships, especially if you are looking to enhance sales channel performance or improve customer service together with your channel partners. This service is suitable for those that are facing challenges in cooperation with channel partners, whether it’s about collaboration, motivation or capabilities.

  • Discover and analyze the worst bottlenecks
  • Get prioritized proposals for actions
  • Set the foundation for continuous developments

Wibe Survey is a one-week project. During that time, we interview you and key personnel across your partner network. Wibe Academy partner relationship management software is used throughout the project. When the project ends, the final results will be presented to you in a two-hour meeting.

Wibe Growth – Channel sales growth program

Wibe Growth is designed for Managing Directors and Product or Service Business Leaders who want to boost sales and profitability in a long-term with their channel partners.

Wibe Growth helps you crystallize channel sales’ growth targets and metrics, deploy collaboration tools and take the necessary actions to, for example, increase product knowledge or to execute co-marketing campaigns. This service is ideal for those that want to achieve ambitious growth targets by engaging partners in a faster, better, more transparent way.

  • Help your channel partners to sell more
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase product knowledge
  • Ensure the availability of marketing materials
  • Provide sales support
  • Collect feedback in real time
  • Measure and analyze channel partners’ level of commitment

Channel sales growth program typically lasts from one to three years. Wibe Academy partner relationship management software is used throughout the program. Each grow program has an appointed steering group who meet regularly to guide actions, monitor performance targets and measure the progress.

Wibe Engage – Key partner engagement program

Wibe Engage is specifically designed for strategic partnerships and development leaders who want to ensure that their channel partner’s know-how and motivation are at the best possible level.

Wibe Engage helps companies create training materials, enhance communication and share knowledge with a key partner. This service is perfect for those who want to deepen partnership with the channel partners by providing the latest product information, guidance, marketing and sales materials to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

  • Ensure that partners have received all the necessary information
  • Make it easier to market and sell your products
  • Reduce the amount of customer support requests
  • Certify your channel partners’ knowledge
  • Set a foundation for building a partnership program

The key partner engagement program is typically run during the partnership lifecycle. We will use the Wibe Academy partnership management software during the program.